Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: L'Oreal Infallibles

L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are my current Western-drugstore eyeshadow formulation darlings. They are a loosely packed-rather-than-pressed powder eyeshadow in a little jar. Most are astonishingly well pigmented and look luxe. Because they can be quite shiny and also not always easy to blend, I prefer them as accent lid colors (rather than in the crease or on browbone.) Most often, I'll apply a blendable base color over my lid and into my crease and tap the Infallible on as a topper. I'll do a neutral eye and then dot, say, Golden Sage in the middle of my lid. Another technique is to apply Bronzed Taupe all over my lid and spend a bit of time buffing it into the crease. I also have been known to use Smoldering Plum as an eyeliner. Glorious.

These pictures are all taken with flash.

Strawberry Blonde and Dive Right In are limited edition for Summer 2013 in the U.S., along with some fabulous jelly nail polishes.

So shiny.

The hardest Infallible to capture is Smoldering Plum. In contrast with Golden Emerald, the most glittery Infallible I currently own, Smoldering Plum has almost a microshimmered quality, with an abundance of tiny pink flecks which make the color seem rosier in person. 

I love L'Oreal for these and that they consistently put out new ones (though they are annoyingly LE.)


  1. All of them look magnificent, but Strawberry Blonde seems the most unique out of the bunch.

    1. I have to say, the beauty of Infallibles is more in their high-shine finish than in the shade range itself (although I'd say Liquid Diamond is a pretty unusual color in its purplysilverypinkiness.)

      Strawberry Blonde is definitely unique to the line in finish as well as color as it is MUCH more sheer than the rest once applied on the lid. It seems to have a sort of drab base in the pot and swatched but that is well-nigh invisible once it's applied normally. It's actually nice as a pink, glittery topcoat. In that respect, it reminds me of a less-complex Shu Uemura IR115.

    2. It does look more sheer in your swatches. But I'm not the one who needs opaque at all times. What e/s do you like to wear under Strawberry Blonde?

    3. It's divine with taupes! I've also tried it with violets like Perpetual Plum and it is lovely. I'd imagine it might be interesting with gold, also. I might get really creative and try it with Opera.

    4. That's actually a great idea! I can imagine it would work with the blue from Opera:)

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