Monday, May 6, 2013

Spectral Loveliness: Attempting to Look at Shiseido Ghost

Tonight I attempted the impossible: I tried to take pictures of Shiseido VI720 Ghost. Folly. All of these use flash because everyone knows ghosts can only be photographed using high flash, patience and the loss thereof, and the threatening to sic my dear friend Harry-the-theatre-ghost on them if they failed to cooperate. (He fell a long time ago. Very sad. Some say you can still see him on the catwalk at my alma mater. Oooooo.)

Shiseido shadows are annoying because they are so dusty that the pans always look messy. It's a small complaint. I love me some Shiseido. But they are not pretty to take pictures of in the pan.

Ghost has unrelentingly gorgeous but subtle microshimmers that are best seen in real life and second-best seen in pan pictures.

And the phantasm well-nigh disappears in these swatch pics, which may have been taken in not-the-best-of-lights, thank you, rain!

But those tricksy microshimmers are there, I promise! Blue and pink! Can't you see? No?! (@$)*#$.@#$$%*(=!!!

As you can see here, the base is quite greyed. It's a foggy grey which makes the sultry beauty of the lavender all the more surprising. Like most Shiseido eyeshadows, the complex satiny finish looks luxe on the lids. The shadows are soft, very soft, and it's easy to rub them off. So don't.

And some comparisons for your time:

As you can see, Novalei is the most metallic and the darkest. Both Lilac Reef and Concrete Jungle have a soft satin finish and are very nearly matte.

Oh, Shiseido Ghost. What a pretty apparition.

I have never ever bought remotely similar colors ever.
Side note: also should have swatched Liquid Diamond with these. It's not similar. It's silvery. But I shoulda.
Ghost is the oldest and most loved of the shadows pictured. You can see the little dip where the spectre is starting to succumb to wear.



  1. You witch, why are you doing this to me? *cries* Me wants!

  2. Just FYI: YOU ARE GENIUS! <333

    1. ilu hard. It's a shame my pictures aren't great, but hopefully you get the idea THAT YOU NEED BOTH.

  3. How did I not know you had a blog??????????? :))))