Friday, May 10, 2013

Edward Bess Returns! Apt name is apt for Blush Extraordinaire in Filled with Desire.

Shaky-cam pic
Edward Bess's new blush, Blush Extraordinaire, is a new find for me, albeit one with a grossly limited shade range, much to my chagrin, though it's a victory for my beleaguered wallet. (Come on, Eddie, this makes Shiseido, which I have long defended for being very versatile, though ...selective in range, look like PANTONE.) 

I now have two of the three and am trying to convince myself I'd never wear Bed of Roses.

The Blush Extraordinaires are fine and silky and bewitchingly hard to define, color-wise, in my experience: Secret Affair is a lovely coral pink? or is it just coral? or is it just warm pink? while Filled with Desire taunts me by appearing blue-based while swatched... or maybe neutral... it's definitely more neutral than blue... or is it?

They are both very sheeny, verging on shimmery but not really. What did we decide was the name for this? They also have a heavy but pleasant fig scent; I found the aroma more potent with this shade, Filled with Desire, for some reason.

Flash to see spurkle
And among comrades:

You can see that Peony is quite blue in comparison, though I find Peony closer to neutral when compared with Misty. The Sisley looks like it would be brighter, and it is.

I will make no comment on how the imprints of the older Sisley and Burberry are still intact as if I wore pinky coral blush much more often than light peenk.

I swatched with flash because it was easier to see the color differences that way; all shimmers are much less noticeable in natural light/in real life:

The interesting thing about Filled with Desire is that it's light, and stays fair on me, bless its light, but isn't really a pastel, in the sense that it doesn't seem to me to be truly white based; it's more of a true pale pink, with a translucent but buildable base.

I think many are passing on Filled with Desire because it is so light but I think if you're very fair, you might give this a look.


  1. Oh that blush is gorgeous! I love some pale pink.

  2. SO PRETTY. Too pale for my face, but lovely nonetheless.

    Bed of Roses? You need.