Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Products I've Purged: Shiseido neutrals, how I wanted to love you...

Of late, I've been feeling motivated to streamline my stash. Fortunately, I have found excellent and well-deserving homes for my castoffs. It's a bittersweet process but I know I'll only be left with things I love.

The two latest palettes to get the boot are Shiseido BR209 Strata and BR307 Voyage trios. I love love Shiseido eyeshadows (and many Shiseido products in general) but I never reach for these two. I wanted to swatch them before I send them to their new families because I commonly see these two mislabeled on the Internet.

As you can see, they're really not altogether bad eyeshadows: the pigmentation is good, they feel silky, and they have lovely fine colored microshimmer, which was impossible to capture.

Voyage has a tawny gold, a bright orangey gold, and a pale white gold. I'm not feeling Voyage because I don't love golds. As a trio, however, it works, and I can see someone who likes golds more than I do really enjoying this palette.

Strata is another issue entirely. Strata is a bit of a challenge as a trio. Shiseido trios are either tonally cohesive, with variations of one color, or interestingly clashy. Strata straddles those two lines, with a pale cool beige, a medium camel color with warm undertones, and a neutral espresso. The undertones of the three shades aren't strikingly different, but they don't seem to work together seamlessly. And the palest shadow simply disappears on my fair skin.

I slapped both colors on my lids so you can see them in action. They blend much better in real life but I am not great at taking pictures at this point.

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