Friday, April 26, 2013

I Gave Peach a Chance

It simply cannot be said that I have never fallen prey to hype or sale goggles. My mad purchase of Dolce & Gabbana Peach and Rosebud during Sephora Chic Week (auspiciously coinciding with my tax rebate) is a testament to this. 

I've been thinking, often, about my aesthetic (and a post is forthcoming about this) and the colors and textures I am drawn to like a moth to flame. Knowing the difference between what I love and what I merely like has curbed many a craving. It's lovely to have ideals of wearing an interesting color, but, too often, I don't, so often it's not really worth it.

Dolce & Gabbana blush in Rosebud, I knew I wanted. That elusive bright, light rose color--a blending of peach and pink, dancing around coral but never truly bright enough-- I had to have it. I had to. For most of the week, it was out of stock, so I decided to try Peach instead; I'd heard good things and the scant swatches made it seem harmless and pretty darn close to Rosebud. Wouldn't you know it, not one half hour later, Rosebud was back online. It's a timing thing. Had Rosebud been available, I probably never would have gotten Peach, but I did and here is another picture of  the two of them:

You can see how shadowed Peach is here. It was hard to get a good picture at the time of day and with the sharp 90 degree angle that the compact opens. 

This is a bit more true. You can see it's not what I would call a true peach; it looks a bit muted, even nude-y. Colors are so hard to define rigidly, I feel. Peach, coral, fuchsia, all of these can mean so many different things to different people. Anyway, I would call this a nude ruddy peach.

And my lovely Rosebud...

A coral-pink, shyer than Illamasqua Tremble.

And some comparisons:

Taking pictures was wildly frustrating. Taking pictures of Tremble always is. It's just too neon to really show well. But I think you can see even here that both Dolce & Gabbana blushes have lovely textures. They're creamy and soft; a matte without any chalkiness at all.

Sadly, very sadly, I knew pretty instantly that I had no strong love for Dolce & Gabbana Peach. It's funny, because it's not entirely unlike Shiseido Petal in depth, but Petal has more pink in it and that makes all the difference. Petal looks so harmonious on me and this, well...

I can't lay my hands on my camera at the mo so you get webcam shots of my Farewell-to-Peach FOTD.

You can see it's quite a bit less brown on my skin (which pulls things pinker anyway) than it appears in the pan, but it's still warmer than my personal preference. I don't hate it but at this point I'm scaling back to what is optimally flattering on my pasty-pink self and this blush just doesn't cut it, especially when I have Rosebud to settle my hunger for Dolce & Gabbana. I'm still experimenting with peach-as-a-color, but for the moment Vincent Longo Dew Drop Radiant Blush in Sandalwood is my go-to, as it is lighter and more pastel (though I'm not keen on the powder fallout.) More on that one later. 


  1. I love your new hair color! Super daring!

    1. :-3 It's had impressive lasting power, too. I miss my natural color but I'll enjoy this while it lasts.

  2. i dont know! it really looks beautiful on you. Just use it with a nude lipstick and brown eyeshadow. or with a peachy lipstick .