Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Revlon Reds

One of my perennial staples is the humble Revlon Superlustrous lipstick. Reliably on sale, doesn't wreck my lips, comes in colors from oxblood to salmon and in a variety of finishes. Many of my favorite reds or near-reds are from Revlon's Superlustrous line.

As I am wont to do, I omitted one of my lipsticks from this lineup because Certainly Red, a punchy, not-too-serious pinky red, simply would not be found.

Cherry Blossom, far pinker and lighter than it appears in the tube pictures, and Red Lacquer are from The Shanghai Collection by Gucci Westman, which was released last fall. I'm actually not sure if these colors have been added to the permanent lineup or not--I haven't been able to find out conclusively that they have, and they have not been in any permanent displays I've seen, but they are on Revlon's website. They are both listed as having a pearl finish. Fear not, frost-haters. They are not frosty. I can't even see visible shimmer. They're just... not matte. Almost sheeny. Cherry Blossom is a fuchsia near-red that is just gorgeous. Red Lacquer is a sheer warm red. 

Strawberry Suede, Really Red, and In the Red are from the matte line. I know Strawberry Suede is discontinued and I believe In the Red is as well. I still see Really Red in stores but I haven't seen it on Revlon's website. They are a bit drying so balm before and after wear is a must. Strawberry Suede is a coral near-red. Really Red leans a bit blue but is definitely red, not fuchsia. In the Red is a brick.  

And swatched. 
It may be obvious at this point that Cherry Blossom is my momentary crush.
It is so special. Not red-red, not pink-pink. Not too summery despite its brightness and lightness.
Just pretty.
The two truest reds, Really Red and In the Red, appear darker on the lips (or at least more serious) than they do swatched.

Do you have a favorite Revlon red lipstick? What's your favorite red lipstick of all?

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  1. I wish Strawberry Suede wasn't discontinued! I am not the biggest fan of Revlon lipsticks (they don't get along well with my lips), but I do like Cherries in the Snow.