Wednesday, March 13, 2013

easy to wear/hard to wear

We all have those colors that we are drawn to as if by instinct. Clear pinky-coral and blue-based pink blushes are the sirens of the blush world for me. On my pink-and-white skin, these clear, bright colors don't look out of place or muddy. 

Fyrinnae Charmed is a favorite shade. I had to have it after seeing the searingly bright pictures. A bit more vibrant than it appears in these swatch pics, it nonetheless blends into my skin nearly effortlessly. It's not an extremely powerful blush look, but it's an incandescently flattering and easy one.

To the right, you can see the new Fyrinnae contour/highlighter, Penguin. Obviously, it doesn't work as a highlight on me, even dusted on lightly.

I ordered a sample of Penguin simply because it's the opposite of what I usually put on my face. It's an intriguing undead greyed purple. It's unlike other contour powders I'd seen before. It's so jolie-laide that I simply had to try.

I don't know how I feel about it, to be honest. On me, the red tones become much more prominent. For this look, I really packed it on so the color would be evident. After I took pictures, I blended the contour better.

Fyrinnae Charmed as blush; Fyrinnae Penguin to contour cheekbone and orbital bone of lid.  No flash.

And the flash version. My true friends will ignore my stray eyebrow hairs and spots.

And would it be a look from me without a doofy  smile? I think not.
I don't think it's close enough to any contour powders on the market to substitute if you're looking to squelch an itch for, say, Chanel Notorious. I think I may like it more as an eyeshadow than I do as a contour, due to those pesky red undertones. What do you think of Penguin? How can I wear it better?

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