Friday, June 27, 2014

THREE 4D Eye Palette in #04- Art of Parties

I have a theory that Idris Elba is the real-life inspiration for the Old Spice Guy. Furthermore, I have a theory that he knows he's not my boyfriend and is just deliberately rubbing it in my face with every smirking photoshoot in a waistcoat. I think he delights in being unattainable.
What a jerk.
THREE is like the Idris Elba of cosmetics: playful while being seriously seductive, and nearly impossible to touch in the flesh. It's hard enough finding swatches of THREE's sparkly little eyeshadows, hence my slight venture from my batcave/informal blogging retirement purely to effervesce about THREE 4d Eye Palette #04 in Art of Parties which I have had since November and have wanted to write about for quite as long. 

(Although, I will say, those who have already swatched/described Art of Parties are fabulous and their entries wonderfully helpful for those considering a THREE purchase.)  

THREE eyeshadows as a rule are silky and soft. If you're used to a heavy pigment lay down, the powder formula may seem sheer, but I find it easy to work with. Glitter figures very prominently but always artistically. THREE palettes also include a dark, silicone-y dry-cream that doesn't so much set as it sits. I think that's probably the biggest thing one has to get used to with THREE's formulations, though it's similar to the Shu Uemura Silk Smooth line, I find.  

Art of Parties is one of my oldest and dearest THREE purchases. I thought I'd get the most mileage out of the eyeliners but I seem to reach for this most often. 

A photography amateur like myself cannot even hope to convey how mesmerizing these eyeshadows are in real life, their microglitters dancing across the skin. (I direct you to the aforelinked blogs for closer approximations of the beauty.)

The cream shade here is a metallic gunmetal packed with fuchsia microglitter. Because it's THREE, of course, there are also other, contrasting flecks (I see teal and green) but the fuchsia dominates, both in pan and swatches. 

The sheerest shade of all is a pale champagne glitter with gold and pink flecks.

One of the standouts for me is the bright, clear purple which looks somewhat deconstructed once applied thanks to vibrant pink and royal blue glitters.

The final shade is a warm, medium brown that isn't too yellow for my very cool-toned skin. It is a satin finish with sparser and teenier glitters, mostly the fuchsia that ties this palette together (and also skews the color a bit more rosy, once applied, than its base shade.) I also spy some teensy green flashes.  

To me, this palette is really representative of the brand's aesthetic-- unexpected combinations that work together supremely well, in a very calculated way. This isn't your standard dash of tonally cohesive glitter (e.g., a green powder base with gold, yellow, green, and blue flashes). I really enjoy looking at THREE cosmetics. They're like petite works of art. 

All which deviates from the initial comparison to Idris, but my blog, my digressions. 

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  1. You had me at Idris Elba.

    That being said, I think I'm still the only person who doesn't get all tizzified over THREE's glittery eyeshadows. They look beautiful on other people, but...I just don't think they'll ever do it for me. :(